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Bringing Digital Applications and Content Closer to People and Businesses

  • Faster and more efficient access
  • Improved user experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced
  • Enhanced data security


Control over speed, scale, choice, security, reliability, and efficiency

  • Route Servers BIRD v2
  • Secured Customer portal
  • Looking Glass
  • Dashboard
  • Transparent AS
  • Port Capacity (1G,10G ,100G)
  • Layer2 IX
  • IPv4 and/or IPv6 (Dual Stack)
  • Granular service report
  • 24x7 NOC Support
  • Smart Hand Service
  • Secured NTP
  • Link Bundling (LACP)
  • Media Access Control Security (MACsec)
  • Non-blocking Port with port redundancy options


Control over speed, scale, choice, security, reliability, and efficiency

  • Enhanced user experience by improving Network performance
  • Not for profit Internet Exchange
  • Neutral & nonexclusive operating model
  • Industry standard uptime SLA
  • Customer Portal for Support, Monitoring & reporting
  • Automated workflow-driven Partner Experience center operating 24/7
  • Best in-class regional language & English Support
  • Near-Realtime monitoring, Proactive alarm dashboard & Traffic stats
  • Automated proactive ticketing for incidents
  • Promoting innovation and Collaboration leading to new business models and opportunities
  • Remote Blackholing


Support Apply
Layer 2 IX  
IP V6  
Route Server  
Traffic Monitoring  
24/7 NOC support  
Smart Hand Service  
Link Bundling (LACP)  
Mac Security  
Secured NTP  

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