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Internet Peering

Don't let sluggish connections hold you back. Embrace the power of EdgeNXT Internet Peering service and unlock a world of high-speed, reliable connectivity. Improve the performance of your network and achieve optimized speed. EdgeNXT IX supports both bilateral & multi-lateral peering.

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Types of Internet Peering

Virtual Private Peering

Virtual private peering is a service that allows networks to exchange traffic with one another over a secure and dedicated virtual circuit.


Bilateral Peering

Peering negotiated and established precisely between two parties is called “Bilateral Peering or ‘Direct Peering or ‘Closed user group’.

EdgeNXT IX offers Bilateral Peering through our secured L2 Platform where Networks connect directly with desired CDN's and other Networks. It establishes separate BGP sessions with each of these content networks to have more control.

EdgeNXT X services include 24x7 x 365 NOC.

Multilateral Peering

Route Server Peering helps new peers exchange traffic with others from day one over the shared fabric.

Both Route Servers at EdgeNXT IX exchanges are independent, and customers are encouraged to keep both BGP Sessions up for uninterrupted services. The Route Server supports Large BGP communities.

Private Interconnect - PNI

EdgeNXT IX offers a secure and cost-effective solution to interconnect directly with your peers or business partners. A Private Interconnect enables direct traffic exchange between two networks over a dedicated
Port or VLAN on our platform. With this service, participants can provision multiple private interconnects on one single physical IPPad Platform port.

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Closed User Group Peering

This is a secured solution to enable peering between 3 or more group participants that have a mutually agreed peering policy and common interconnection requirements.

Enhance collaboration and secure connectivity with the EdgeNXT Closed User Group Peering.
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