About us

EdgeNXT Internet Exchange

Transforming the way infrastructure is imagined and executed, through revolutionary systems and technologies…


Welcome to the world of EdgeNXT IX - A digital platform that will transform the way you connect to the world with cutting-edge infrastructure and next-gen advanced technology

Why EdgeNxt?

Network interconnection plays a crucial role in establishing a robust, scalable, and efficient communication infrastructure, enabling seamless connectivity and data exchange between networks for various applications and services.

Considering the increasing trend of data consumption and the need for lightning-fast internet, EdgeNXT aims to be the disruptive growth catalyst and enable high-speed data exchange and support high volumes of internet traffic.

EdgeNXT IX will be an important content hub for Indonesia, enabling regional and local ISPs, carriers, and Internet Exchanges to aggregate content from large global Content Delivery Networks, hosting ompanies and application providers.

EdgeNXT Internet Exchange supports a wide range of functions that facilitate the efficient exchange of Internet traffic and promote collaboration among network operators:

  • Peering- We provide a platform to establish direct peering connections with other participants.
  • Traffic Exchange- We enable the exchange of Internet traffic between networks connected to the exchange.
  • Route Servers- To simplify the peering configurations and facilitate multilateral peering.
  • Network Monitoring and Reporting- To monitor network traffic and provide participants with tools and resources to monitor and analyze their peering connections.

Neutral & nonexclusive operating model

  • Industry standard uptime SLA
  • Customer support portal in regional language
  • Automated proactive ticketing for incidents
  • Near Real-time monitoring, proactive alarm dashboard, and traffic statistics
  • Automated workflow-driven partner experience center, operating 24/7