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    Technical Details:

    What is your AS number to connect EdgeNxT?

    EdgeNxT location you want to connect?

    Which port type do you want to connect to EdgeNxT?

    How many ports do you need ?

    Which IP address do you want to connect with EdgeNxT?

    Do you want to peer with EdgeNxT route server ?

    Personal Details:

    What is your name?

    What is your company name?

    What is your E-mail address? (we will send service order form)

    What is NOC E-mail address ? ( Tech team may contact for EdgeNxTservice installation and troubleshooting )

    What is peering manager Email address ? ( Members may contact for peering negotiation and EdgeNxTteam sends event invitations. )

    What is your phone/WA number?

    (if any) Which network or contents do you want to peer overEdgeNxT? (we will approach them)